Setup router linked to switch cant get it. How to connect them!

By Madafaka
Aug 24, 2005
  1. Hi!

    So, i have setup my homenetwork like this: (using win xp on both)

    i have a switch SMC EZswitchGS8 with 1gbps and a smc router 7904BRA and 2 PCS!

    I linked each PC to the switch with cat5e cables and linked the switch to the router on a lan port from the router, using a cat5 and then i linked my ADSL modem to the router.

    So, i have 2 pcs each one with a pci card Surecom EP320G TX 32 bits with 1 gbps that i use to link to the switch.

    Now, i would like to know how to setup my network to get a 1 gigabit LAN !

    Will i have to use ip to connect directly ??? I have this on Auto DHCP, i mean each pc has an auto IP from the Windows XP. May i use network connections from explorer ??? I am getting crazy!!!!!

    The switch as jumbo frames support as the surecom cards also have!!!!

    Thanks!!! :)
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