severe internet lag on games

By Jameson653
Jul 6, 2004
  1. Hey thanks in advance for any help. I have a high speed dsl connection and like to play online games. My computer is fine but i still experience lag in the game (counter-strike and Unreal Tournament). I have figured out from my fps that it is internet lag that is slowing it down, and ideas on a tweak or download that could help me with the problem? thanks
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    Well lag has to do with the number of hops your computer has to make between you and the server. Try finding one that is local to you, or near by. You should experience a lot better ping times.
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    thanks for all the help but i was looking for something a bit different, that link you posted is ancient and all of those tweaks can't be done anymore because of the new steam update. I was hoping maybe someone could list a good internet accelerator that might help or a program that shuts down programs running in the background or some amazing crap like that that probably doesn't exist. LOL if you can help, i would be greatly appreciative.
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