Severe System Instability, BSODs w/ multiple stop codes

By ryboto
Jun 1, 2006
  1. For full detail of my problem, please see this For full detail of my problem, please see this thread.

    it's a lot to read, so, i'll sum it up. I've been having numerous stop errors, many different ones ever since I moved my machine to my new place. The first thing to happen, was that my power supply suddenly died...i was using it just last thursday, and went to power up my pc monday, and nothing happened. I'm using my old whisper series now. Upon booting, the system worked fine. After some time, I ran into a BSOD. And then later on, another. Many threads suggest random BSOD's are due to faulty ram. The XP4400's that I have(2x512) have worked flawlessly up until now, and even now, they passed 2 passes of memtest86(didn't have time for more) and an hour of HCI's memtest. No errors. But, still, BSODs. I bought both the cpu and memory at the same time, have been running them at stock speeds for a long time now. And they've been rock solid.

    it's all falling to poo now. When I attempt to load bf2, i get a BSOD, i'll be idling, BSOD, or a random one during a shutdown. My usb mouse, logitech G7 is acting up, as is my usb webcam. The mouse is lagging, the webcam is showing a black image. They both worked last night. My logitech keyboard(usb wireless) works fine...I'm using one stick of the xp4400 now, just to humor the guy in the abit forum, but, with only 512, I feel limited. Also, since the BSOD's are so random, as in, they've happened 2 minutes after I logged in, or sometimes 2 hours, I can't really test the ram as being an issue, because I don't have the time...I really don't know what to do...

    last night, just before I went to bed, i was introduced to a new stop code ending in 50. This is entertaining.
  2. kirock

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    Stop 050 code is usually a memory error, but any hardware failure can cause these.
    Check your CPU temps, maybe when moving the unit the heatsink shifted.
    PSU, the whipser series, is it strong enough to handle your specs? You need lots of amps on the 12V rail, say 25Amps or more for a good stable system with your specs.
    You said you're running on 1 stick of RAM, try the other one now. Maybe you picked the bad stick.

    Disconnect any unneeded optical drives or data HDD to reduce load on PSU.

    There seems to be a rash of BSOD posts here this week as the weather warms up. What's ambient like there, do you have A/C in the room?

  3. ryboto

    ryboto TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 34

    The cpu temps are where they were before the move, between 35-40 idle and load. The heatsink is barely warm to the touch, which is a feat, considering ambient temps were nearly 30C the other day. The PSU has 30+ amps on the 12v rail. My previous Noisetaker had 2 rails, with 18A each.

    I'm going to run home for a minute, and start memtest86, as was suggested in the mushkin forums. They said for a valid test, I need to run it for 10 hours or more...well, I'll try 7. If there's no errors after that, am I to assume it's a faulty psu?? I mean, my usb devices are acting up...and if inadequate power is available to them wouldn't that cause issues?? I mean, my webcam shows no picture, and my mouse works sporatically.

    Nice avatar btw.
  4. ryboto

    ryboto TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 34

    i ran memtest86 for 9.5 hours, and it completed 26 passes and no errors..
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