sfc scan now?

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Jul 28, 2005
  1. I've been instructed by the IT guy at work to try sfc /scannow to try and find out why my pc was acting odd the other day.

    where do i start?where do i type the command ect?

    If you could explain it like you would to a small child that would help!
  2. PanicX

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    Go to your start menu, select the option for "Run"

    In the new window that opens, type "cmd" and click OK

    here, type what your IT guy told you.

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    Thanks,that makes more sense.
  4. Renoir

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    Click on Start, click on Run--type in sfc/scannow. Then click OK or press enter and you are there. Here is how to apply it: 1). Insert Microsoft Window CD or OS system CD into CD drive, once window open-close the window. 2). Click Start. 3). Click Run. 4).In Run-type in sfc/scannow, press enter or click OK. 5).Window system file protection window appears(please do not perform any other task at this time), the application will automatically replace any WindowXP file(s) that is missing or corrupted. When prompted to replace a file, proceed to check yes to replace the file. 6). When System File Checker application finish scanning WindowXP system files, the window will automatically close. Please follow through with restart. Good Luck! Renoir.
  5. Rick

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    You're IT guy sucks.... He could have at least had the courtesy to explain where to begin. ;)

    When it prompts you for the CD, make sure you have it in the right drive. If it still doesn't work, its looking for a different source. Possibly on your hard drive or over the network. Your IT guy should know where to find it.
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