sfc /scannow keeps asking for CD

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Jul 20, 2007
  1. sfc keeps asking for the Windows XP CD and then I have to hit the Retry button every time it needs another DLL.

    A Microsoft KB says to edit the registry and change the ServicePackSourcePath key in the registry. I tried every combination I could think of including pointing to the I386 folder but no luck.

    What folder is sfc looking for? I made a slipstreamed CD to include SP2 but that doesn't work either.
  2. Justin

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    Do you not have your CD?
  3. CCT

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    Firstly, identify the location on the local hard-disk of where the windows installation files are stored. For instance the path of the compressed windows setup files may be found in: C:\windows\i386 or C:\winnt\i386 or C:\i386 or C:\CMPNENTS (for Media Center Edition CD 2) Once familiar with where the OEM vendor has placed the compressed XP files you can then enter the system registry to make the necessary change.

    1) In Start menu > run > regedit
    2) Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup
    3) On the right hand side of the screen you should see a string called SourcePath. If you only have one location for these files which is typical of an XP Home or Pro installation, change the SourcePath REG_SZ key to the location of your XP files found on your hard-drive. If you have multiple locations as for a Media Center Edition which contains two CD's, therefore two separate locations for the i386 information for Windows Media Center Extenders, delete the SourcePath REG_SZ key. Create a Multi String Value instead. Name this value SourcePath. Then double click the SourcePath Multi String and under the value on a separate line type the individual path's pertaining to the locations of the XP source files. For instance:

    Then carefully exit out of the registry.
  4. kenmullins

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    I have an Early copy of Windows XP Pro (before SP1). Several months ago SFC stopped working (i.e. it would keep asking for the Windows SP2 CD). I created a slipstream CD w/ SP2 but SFC would just keep asking for Windows SP2 CD. I also followed the MS KB instruction and yours - all with the same negative results.

    Any other ideas?
  5. flowergardener

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    scannow is supposed to ask for the CD but in my case it was not accepting any of the various CDs that I had.

    I forgot what I did to fix the problem. Buy you might want to uninstall SP2 and start over.
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