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May 19, 2004
  1. I have two computers. One using Windows 2000 with a DSL modem/connection. The other one (in a different room) with Windows 98 (no ethernet card). I would like to share my DSL connection to the other one outside. How is this possible?

    Basically, it doesn't matter what kind of Ethernet card I buy for my other computer right? All I need is that and a wireless DSL router correct (does it has to be the same brand as the ethernet card)? Is the router suppose to be used on the one with my DSL modem or the other one?
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    The NIC, or Ethernet card, can be any brand if you use cables. It then should be a 10/100MB card.
    If you go wireless, you will need a wireless NIC, preferably but not necessarily the same brand as the router. Your wireless router should have a switch built-in to connect up to 4 cabled PCs (for your W2K machine)
    There are many threads in this forum explaining exactly what you need and how to do it. Search Forum is your best friend....
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    Ok, I'm going to add a wireless NIC to my other computer. The computer with the DSL connection has an Ethernet card. Do I need to get a wireless NIC for it as well?
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    Nope, if you get a wireless router, it should have up to 4 wired connections you can hook computers up to. So you will just hook up your main comp to the wired port and your 98 will use the wireless functions of it.
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    Here's the scenario:

    1.) get a wireless NIC, and a wireless DSL router. (Brand is not that important as long as you get some decent equipment from a reputable manofacturer. If you get a $.99 wireless NIC, expect to have trouble.)

    2.) Connect your DSL modem to the Router, connect the win2k computer to the router using an Ethernet cable. Consult your router's documentation to configure the router to use your DSL connection and the wireless settings.

    3.) Make sure you have access to the internet with the win2k computer. If everything works, proceed to configure the win98 computer to use the wireless connection.

    That's just a genereal suggestion to configure your network. After the computers are working, you may want to set them up in the same workgroup and configure them to share files or other resources such as a printer. There may be other steps or a different sequence, but in general that's how it can be done. I'm sure others here will have more suggestions or answers if you get stuck.
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