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Feb 10, 2005
  1. I have two "Window XP Home" computers on a home network. After setting up the network to share internet connection, I decided I could share files and for a time it worked. Now for some reason my computer when I try to get something off the daughters says access denied talk to the admin. I went to hers the other day and while on it I checked the My Network Places and it does not even see the shared folders on mine. Is there a way to fix this??? and How???
  2. Lunatic

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    maybe this will help

    another thing is to make sure the folders are set to allow the network to see them, i did this last night. my comp was able to see the drive but nothung in it, i had to set the setting on each folder to share on the network and that fixed it.
  3. nickc

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    Lunatic, thanks for the reply. I found the problem though, how it happened I do not know, but Client for Microsoft Networks had gotten unchecked on my computer and ther were several otherthings installed there I did not know what were. Once I clicked Client for Microsoft Networks it was fixed then I uninstalled the other stuf I did know what was and every thing is working. I have another ? that is related Is there a way to check her viewing history on the internet from my computer with out going to hers?
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    you have to allow access to the browser cache files and windows temp files
    user profiles documents and settings. and thers more,thats the hard way easy way
    ther are programs out there that will store and display what she is doing ,not only that ,but every key stroke she makes,another words what she is saying
    to someone on internet.
    good luck
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    would mind giving me a link or 3 to some of these programs?
  6. Lunatic

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    You can do a google search for home key logger, its a free program that logs all that is typed and where it is type.
    You have to install it on her computer and you can make it run in the background.

    When you do the search you will also find a bunch of other programs, you can add free in front of the search and you will get plenty of programs. You will just need to pick one that you like.
    I've had to keep tabs on my little brother after the family aol account kept getting blocked.
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    On a somewhat similar thread... please forgive me as I know that this has probably been answered before... I originally tried to talk between my new computer with Windows XP and my old computer with Windows Me using a cross-over cable at another poster's suggestion. However, I had no luck and, after making a nice dent in my forehead, picked up a D-Link router from a friend. So, I made all the connections and everything is hunky-dory as far as each computer can simultaneously access my Verizon DSL account with no problem.

    Now I want to share files on each computer. On the old one, I set the separate boot and data drives to allow the new one to see these drives. I also used the MS Home Networking application to try and get these two birds to sing together. However, here I am on my XP computer and when I try to view network computers, I get the following error:

    [workgroup] is not accessible. You might not have permission to use the network resource. Contact the administrator of the server to find out if you have access permissions.

    The list of servers for this workgroup is currently not available.

    Each computer has an identical workgroup name but separate computer names. I'm stumped!!! I don't think that it's because of the different O/S versions but I have no idea at this point. Again, I apologize if this has been answered countless times. I did try to review the techspot FAQ that Lunatic showed in his previous post but that didn't really help me. :confused:
  8. nickc

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    Lunatic, thanks man I just downloaded it and will see how this works.

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