Sharing files between Windows and Linux: Samba

By Phantasm66
Oct 15, 2002
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    Cautions about connecting to a Windows workgroup

    I recently installed UBUNTU 7.04 and tried to access files on my windows computers on the same network after I had installed Samba.

    I could see not even the host computer. I could see the Windows Workgroup with the correct name. When I clicked on that icon I got an error message something like "I can't access the folders".

    I looked all over to discover what was wrong, but nothing I found appeared to address my problem. Clearly, my windows machines could see each other as shared files. I finally decided to rename my workgroup. I had heard that Linux used to have trouble working correctly when names had spaces in them. My workgroup name was something like "jack and jill". I changed the workgroup name on all my computers on the network to "jackandjill".

    I, of course, changed the DOMAIN name on my Linux machine to JACKANDJILL and worked as it should have. I could see all my machines and all my shared files.

    I suppose that most Workgroup Names don't have spaces in them, but it is something that SAMBA or one of its configuration tools should recognize as an error when a domain name is entered containing spaces.
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