Sharing internet using ADSL. Which router/adsl modem to buy?

By prash ยท 5 replies
Mar 29, 2005
  1. I've currently got a 512kb/s adsl connection but will be moving to a faster 1mb/s connection in next 2 months.In meantime I need to get my other PC to share same connection. So must be wireless. As I understand it a 4 port wireless adsl router means that basically you have an adsl modem that not only controls upload/download link to the internet but lets u plug in 4 PC's hardwired into modem? and then as well as that connect wirelessly?

    I'm only looking to connect two PC's to hardwired in and the other wireless equipped with a USB wireless stick.

    Would this be suitable?
  2. Nodsu

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    I suppose this is what your ISP is trying to sell you..

    It will probably work, but I would recommend a product from a brand manufacturer who will actually release patches and support you after two years.

    Look for similar products from Linksys, 3Com, SMC, D-Link, Netgear
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  4. prash

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    lol yes thats what my ISP NDO are trying to sell me. I'm from England, btw.

    They recommend I buy their kit as it is tested and certified to work. I have had experience with Belkin and Netgear and know they are verygood. I just want to get something that is really good and fairly easy 2 setup.
  5. nein

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    I suggest one of these, preferably the HG models.

    They are easy to use and extremely *****-proof comparing to any others. The HG models even came with built-in real-time DSL signal quality measurements.
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    it can be daunting task to learn what is the best choice ,choice's for your needs
    I have no problems with linksys,while others don't care for them
    cisco makes top of the line , can be expensive
    d-link also well known.
    if the router your isp wants you to use is going to be supported by ther tec's
    and it is around the same cost that maybe better for you ,when you have a issue with it you could always say, hay, you told me to buy this you should help fix it.
    I was on verizon up to last month ,they supported linksys, I had a problem they would help ,also gave special hotline to linksys support.

    cable is cheap where I live, no more dsl
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