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Dec 12, 2005
  1. i have a network of 7 pc connected with a server. i want to access/ share contacts, tasks of microsoft outlook 2000 of one pc(say pc no.1) with the other pc (say pc no.3). note pc os is win 98 and other is xp. pl. advise.

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    also note i would not be using internet connection.
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    I may be wrong and if I am someone please correct me, but as far as I know you cannot share contacts and calander appointments in outlook. you can export the contacts and appointments to a file and import them on another pc. But to have outlook do it automatically you need to get something like microsoft CRM software or other CRM software which has a server based program.
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    Is the "server" running MS Exchange Server or are these seperate email accounts?

    i.e PC1 is a hotmail account, PC2 is a yahoo account, PC3 is a GMail account etc.

    All machines/accounts must be part of/connected to the same Exchange Server in order to share the info as Authentication is granted via the Exchange Server + Active Directory.

    If there is no ES and no AD - then how will the user be selected for delegation access? It simply wont know where to look for the account.

    The ONLY way to do this is as The Maestro says: "you can export the contacts and appointments to a file and import them on another pc"

    but obviously, this will need to be done on a frequent basis - to ensure that all machines are up-to-date.
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    Hey - please post your replies in the forum - so everyone can see / help.

    at present we do have a broadband connection. but while sharing microsoft outlook i do not want to use internet connection.
    pl advise as to how can i share outlook with internal sever or lan connection.

    There are 2 ways you can do what you are asking.

    1 - Install MS Exchange on a server machine and configure Active Directory for your Domain - then setup Exchange + Outlook accordingly. You can view this on the MS website.

    2 - Going on the basis you are using .pst files instead - save the .pst files on the local machine (PC1, PC2 etc) and share them... set the appropriate permissions for everyone on your LAN to have access to the file - i.e Save it in a shared location !

    Then go into outlook - browse to the remote location (\\PC1\c:\documents and settings\user\application data\outlook\shared) and open the .pst file.


    PC1 has inbox.pst saved in c:\documents and settings\user\application data\outlook\shared

    Permissions of Shared folder is set to allow maximum users and is given appropriate name like PC1Share$

    From Outlook on PC2 - File, Open, Outlook Data File - and point to PC1Share via the network.

    The only problem with this option is that a .pst can ONLY be accessed by 1 person at a time.
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