Sharing Outlook address book and calendar

By slippyjim20
Aug 29, 2006
  1. Hiya,

    I'm doing some work for my Dads office, its a small (at the moment) estate agents with just 3 employees, 1 secretary and 2 main workers. Currently they have 4 PC's all networked through an ADSL router. They have 1 PC each and a “server” which contains all their documents and all the software that contains their properties for sale which can be accessed from any of the other 3 PCs.

    At the moment they each have their own email address which they each download into Outlook 2003 on their own PC. What they want to do is for the secretary to be able to see the 2 workers Outlook calendars and book meetings and appointments for them from her PC. We want to do this properly so that it is easy to add new users in the future if and when the company expands, but does that mean we will have to change to a Outlook and Exchange system? Or can it be done just by storing eveyones calendar on the “server”?

    Also they want to have a global address that everyone can access and a personal one for each person on each PC.

    I have done a bit of networking so can set up the network shares and access rights and things like that but I have not done anything more complicated than use Outlook and have never set up Exchange. So the more info you can give the better.

    I must stress than they want this done properly now so that it will be easy to add users in the future, a “quick fix” or “this isn't the best way of doing it, but...” are not what I need :)

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