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Mar 10, 2007
  1. My first Question: How can i share a folder over the network without uploading to any server? i want the users to download directly from my computer.

    2nd question: is it possible to connect two computers over lan by just IP?
  2. jobeard

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    #1) sounds like you want to share something on your system with
    your friends connected to the Internet.
    normal sharing would look like
    Lan based sharing between A and B
    public sharing between A and B
    system-B--ISP ....  ISP--modem--router--system-A
    #2) but of course, as shown in the wiring for #1, but I suspect you may mean
    Lan based sharing between A and B
    which is called ICS. Yes A and B can share, but for B to have access
    to the Internet, system A must be running.
  3. Aamir

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    Its like this ..
    LAN Network-2: => connected to internet
    |           |                            |
    |           |                            |
    Users++  My Friend's system    LAN Network-1 (part of LAN1)
                                             |                     |
                                             |                     |
                                             Users++           My System
    how can share files here w/o internet using LAN only? is it possible?
  4. Aamir

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  5. Samstoned

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    should do a search for filezilla it works great and its free
    FTP all the way haha:slurp:
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