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Hey guys,
Im trying to share a printer on a windows 98 machine and ACCESS it from a windows XP Home machine. The XP box can see the 98 machine...but not the printer share?

Has anyone done this? Is there a certain thing i have to do on the 98 machine to make the XP one see it?

All help is thanked.



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Did you create an XP Network Setup Disk?

XP in my experience seems to be slighty fussy about networking with 98 Machines, and without using the network setup disk you can get problems with the 98 machine seeing the XP machine but not the other way round.


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No, i dont have a Network Disk.

The XP machine does see the 98 machine..but not the printer share. I actually havent checked to see if the 98 machine can see the XP one..its at my gf's house, so ill have to wait til tomorrow.


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If you want to share the printer thats connected to the win98.
Turn on file and print sharing, you can turn it on by asking the properties of "my networklocations". Then go to the printer, right click on it and then on scharing. Share the printer, then the xp machine should see she printer.

Xp machines are a bit picky when it comes to win98, but it should work fine in theory.

If you can see the printer in winxp dont forget to install the drivers of it on the xp machine. win98 drivers can not be used in winxp.

If the printer is shared and you dont see it in the winxp try going directly to the printer pad from the xp machiene.
Like "\ipadres\printersharedname"

Greets Crazy,


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Tried all that Crazy :-/ Xp machine still doesnt see the Printer connected to the 98 box. I do see the computer though, just not the printer share.

Thanks for your help guys.


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Can you share other folders? If thats the case there shouldn't be any problem. I know a win98 machine can be some trouble. But if you can share other folders but not the printer there must be something wrong with your printer settings or something:rolleyes:

Greets Crazy,


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The win98 machine will never see the Xp if your using NTFS but you should be able to share folders on the win98 and see it on the xp.

Did you try pinging the win98 machine?

if a ping doesn't work there must be something wrong with or ip settings or the cable itself.

if the light is on on both network cards the cable is deffinatly ok and then its a setting.

Try using fixed ip's if you cant ping and the cables are ok.

Greets Crazy,


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Originally posted by Crazy
The win98 machine will never see the Xp if your using NTFS but you should be able to share folders on the win98 and see it on the xp.
Thats not right, over a network a Windows98 machine will see shares on a machine using NTFS.


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The win98 machine and the Xp box are both plugged into a Linksys router. The 98 machine accesses the internet just fine, as does the XP the network connectivity is fine. Its got something to do with it being windows 98 lol.

I'm having the exact same problem. I have an XP Pro laptop (that I'm on right now) wirelessly connected to a Linksys router. Also connected to that router is a Windows98 machine, hardwired. When I go to add a network printer or location, I can see the machine, just it wont expand to show the printer or location. Anyone got any clue?
Having identical problems...

My experience sharing Windows 98 machine with WinXP Laptop has been the same. Had significant difficulty getting WinXP machine to access Win98, but no problem with Win 98 accessing WinXP files. I'll share my lessons: first, turn off the Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) on WinXP (this step is necessary and consistent on all help websites), next make sure that you are using "Client for Microsoft Networks" as your primary logon for both machines, and that you have TCP/IP and File and Print sharing for Microsoft Networks installed and configured the SAME on both machines. This I know is all simple, and mine still didn't work until I reinstalled all the above on my Win 98 machine. I think the Win 98 network files were screwed up because I had initially tried to let XP "Create the network", which is a big "No, No" on all the networking websites and apparently can change and screw up the settings on your entire network. You need to manually configure the TCP/IP settings on both machines identically, and the exact settings are on and
Now, that I can see and access both machines, I'm still having problem with the Win XP laptop being able to share a Lexmark X5150 USB printer connected to the Win98 machine. It initially told me that the Win98 Machine had the wrong Driver, so I downloaded the XP driver and installed it on the WinXP laptop, and then it recognized the printer and tried to print, but now returns an error message that it can't print file. It's really great to read these posts and share the same anguish, if anyone figures out the problem entirely, please post it and I'll do the same. Thanks.


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Go in Start/Settings/Printers. Rightclick the printer you want to share, and click on Sharing... then tab Sharing. Did you mark the printer as "Shared"?
The problem is that Windows 98 does not Beacon properly. This means that the Windows 98 will probably be able to see files and even printers on a Windows XP machine. It is a problem with Windows 98 in all reality. Try to look at shared files on the Windows XP machine through the Windows 98 mahine. If you can do this, try attaching the printer to the XP machine (just for fun) and see if you can print to it from the 98 Machine. If you can, my recommendation is that you upgrade to Windows XP for Both. I'll bet it will work then.

You Are Welcome...

hi guys,

seems that u have muggled ur brains and still no hopes of sorting the problem.
the solution is as simple as anything.
on windows 98 machine, reset and uninstall all the networking components including the computer name. uninstall ethernet card, ip services, file and print sharing, client for microsoft network everything and restart the machine. restart the machine again and install everthing back as earlier. this will sort the problem out. If the problem still exist reinstall the printer driver in windows 98 and share it.

i had the same problem with couple of systems and sorted out this way.

hope u enjoy.

I had the exact same problem, namely a Windows 98 PC with a USB connected printer being shared to some Windows XP laptops on a wireless network. I kept getting a windows pop-up that I don't remember the exact text of.

- ICF has nothing to do with it, nor does NTFS
- You don't need to remove and reinstall anything on the Windows 98 unit
- The Windows XP machines don't need the driver.

You need to make sure there are no spaces in the printer share name on the Windows 98 PC.


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XP Home cannot automatically join a domain; It is easier to have a User on both Machines with the Same name and Same password when you try to connect to the share you should get a window requesting a password . You can also write a small Batchfile that can can provide that info automatically by dbbl click on it's icon.
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