shorted laptop?

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Aug 8, 2007
  1. i think i may have shorted out my laptop, as its the only thing i can imagine that could have gone wrong. my power cord had 4 places in it that i had cut apart and put it back together, since my puppy chewed it up. it worked just fine, and then the part closest to where the tip inserts into the laptop needed to be soldered together, that happened twice, then the part close after the box in the middle went out, and soon after repairing that (never having opened that box), is when this happened:

    in the middle of being used, the screen when whiteish, and the caps and scroll lock were blinking, as well as the CD drive light. it would only turn off when i held down the power button for awhile.

    I have a new cord now, i had ordered one about an hour before this happened.

    now when i try to turn on my laptop, still the caps, scroll lock and CD drink light blink, the screen stays a steady black, and nothing happens. also theres a clicking noise every once in awhile from the inside.

    what could have happened? did it short out? it is no longer under warranty, what will i need to replace? its a compaq presario if that matters.

    i have no boot disc to put into the laptop, and the CD drive does open.
  2. Tmagic650

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    It is possible that you fried the internal DC power board. What is the part number/model of this Presario?
  3. tuppen

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    its a presario v2000, if thats not what your asking, then where would i find that?
  4. milugeh

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    hi i m a newcomer just saw your question but i m not able to understand it,can you re -frame it?

    by the way i m a computer technician by professson with some experience in repairing almost all laptop brands but was mainly taught by compaq computer, my life line is in computer repairs,i have dealt with even pc servers especially compaqs and few dell poweredge servers,i came across a dell inspiron laptop 640m series whose password was forgotten by the client,if incase you have some idea on how to remove it can you plse assist me?
  5. Tmagic650

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    I need:

    Product Name: Compaq v2000
    Serial Number:
    Part Number:
    Model Number:

    These are found on the bottom of the laptop. I need to know if you have a separate DC power board or if it's part of the main motherboard. This info is for repair options. The numbers above will help me do this
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