Should itrunslow? celeron d

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Sep 6, 2006
  1. hi when my brother plays games they seem to jerk a bit, he is running a 3.2ghz intel celron d processor with an asrock socket 775 mobo with a nvidia geforce 6800 pci express, should it be running slow? is it the processor?
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    Also, what is the speed of the memory and how much memory do you have?
  4. jammy_gee

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    hey guys thanks for replying,
    the pc is brand new just used, freshly formatted hard drive 80GB, 1GB ddr 333mhz memory (i think) and the games graphicaly are great but seem to jitter slightly, your help is appreciatedgames in question

    battlefield 2
    warhammer40K winterassault
    warhammer dawn of war


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    I have a Celeron D running XP Home, (it used to run a 6200 GeForce), and it runs perfectly with no jerking ever. It starts up in around 11 seconds, and shuts down in 8 (I timed it). It's overclocked as well. Could it be the GeForce?
  6. jammy_gee

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    hmmmm im not sure i am running xp pro sp2 could that be it?
    i noticedthe option inbios for the pci-e speed, it was on 100mhz, i set itto 130mhz andmade a difference, but still slight problems
  7. cfitzarl

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    Have you overclocked the graphic card out of curiosity?
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    Well for starters, Celerons aren't all great for running games off, but that hasn't stoped much people..

    Have you got all the updated drivers, or stable drivers?

    So we're talking about the games being a bit slow right? maybe try lowering the game settings and see if that made a difference..
  9. jammy_gee

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    we have trie lowering the game graphics and resolution, i believe there may be a newer update for the geforce card from nvidia, i will update today, we used to run these games on a older system and on a older graphics card (maybe geforce 5600? AGP), but the games should be certainly running a lot smoother than they are on the new system
    slighty puzzling :eek:s
  10. jammy_gee

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    hey guys i just remembered could it be my onboard sound? i remeber mycousin once had a few issues with his and he altered the setting sonhis on board and it was fine, could this cause similar problems? thanks in advance
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    It could be.. you never know if you dont try it :)

    Other things you may want to try..
    -take off any other programs running in the background or foreground and see if it helps
    -is there enough power to power up the video card from the PSU?
    -try different (but same model) video card to see if its the card itself, and same if you have another PCI-E slot on your mobo..
    -patches available from the game's site to fix any type of compatibility problems?

    The Edit button is your friend :)
  12. jammy_gee

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    lol i know i often miss fire the space button haha

    I had a look, only one PCI-E slot, and no AGP

    No software running in the background, not even AV fresh installation of windows xp pro, i will have a look at the patches to see if any are available, but it seems to be with most of the games.
    my graphics card is winfast px6800 (nvidia geforce 6800) i have geforce drivers installed would it make a difference if the winfast drivers from make a difference?

    thanks again

  13. NCSUFrenchie

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    Hi everyone,
    Just some background on Celerons: They are essentially souped-up P3's. They don't buffer well. At work, I had a lady who was trying to play an audio CD on her brand new desktop (which had a Celeron D) and was upset that the sound kept skipping no matter what CD she used. There was no fix for that other than to get a different CPU.

    See if your board supports a dual core Pentium D. The prices for those have fallen alot and if it doesn't support it, try a P4. Those are MUCH more effecient at buffering etc.

    I have had some experience with the 6800 video card and have been impressed with it, so I doubt that is the root of the problem.

    Hope this helps and let us know how it ends up.
  14. Face of LA

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    Celeron for gamin? Never that,
    i Agree with the guy above me,

  15. jammy_gee

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    hi guys many thanks for the info,:approve: i have heard myself about the celeron processors are not ideal for gaming as we obtained most of our equipment we decided to see what we could do with it,with much playing around, i managed to update my sound card driver (after dsiabling it, reinstalling), latest graphics driver (nvidia) and the latest winfast driver, i also altered the speed of the pci-e from 100mhz to 170mhz,slighlty overclocked the CPU itself and tonight the games have run fine
    We managed to play BF2 on the highest rez and result! dawn of war 40K with result! sensi soccer 2006 (when players filled screen it jerked)but no more!

    i know quite a bit about computers but im not up to scratch on the gaming side of things, and with combined help from you guys and reading a little from these forums it seems we got there! i would like to thank you guys for showing interest in my post and for helping out:wave: :grinthumb

    thanks again guys!!!

  16. wolfram

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    I had a Celeron D 2.8 ghz CPU, and played videos, audio Cd's, DVD's excellent. Even with onboard audio & video.
    Maybe something was wrong with her pc. Celeron D's aren´t junk.

    In the past, I played some good games with my Celeron D, and a 9600XT. I played Far-Cry @ 1024*768 at almost 40-30 FPS. It looked real good. Also, I played PoP: Two Thrones, GTA: San Andreas, FIFA 2006, and other great games, without any problems.

    That Celeron D 2.8 was incredible faster than my old 2.6 Celeron Northwood :)
  17. jammy_gee

    jammy_gee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    both me and my brother have now had a good go and still everyhting seems fine, onlyslight slow downon warhammer 40k (winter assault?? i dunno) he said when he gets about 3 massive armies fighting it slows slightly but thats expected isnt it? im happy anyway haha thanks
  18. N3051M

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    Well with more stuff on screen at one moment the more numbercrunching the pc needs.. so i think if you can live with your celeron D (and yes, aside from it being not as powerfull as your PD or P4, there's nothing wrong with them..) then yes, a little lag will happen..
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