Should wireless be this slow

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The first time I connected to broadband it appeared awesome, I downloaded some big files really fast.

My worry is now everything is about the same speed as the 56k modem.

I also have some odd settings, under network connections I have 1394 connection
1394 net adapter #2

Local area connection
Enabled Firewalled
Belkin 11mbps Wireless

Virtual Private Network

To Vigor
WAN miniport (PPTP)

I have run a speed tester online and it says I compare with a 56k modem.

I am using a Dray Tek Vigor 2600 WE adsl series router and at the moment 2 machines are using the internet connection directly.

If this is usual I must say for the cost its rather disappointing.

Thanks any help appreciated.


My daughter has a laptop that she uses for school with a different make of wireless card. It appears not to detect my network, do I need to get a different card for home use or are there settings that can be added that will not mess up the school settings.


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Which standard is your Belkin 11mbps Wireless? Is it 802.11a or b or g? 'a' is not compatible with 'b' or 'g', which may be why your other laptop cannot detect the network.

your bottleneck is your wireless network, a wired connection is prefered esp. 100mbps and up. even if you have identical speeds, a wired network is still faster because wireless networks send out an 'ack' or acknowlodgment frame after every frame received (increases latency).
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