Shuttle Endeavour Docks With Space Station

By Maikeru
Aug 10, 2007
  1. Good to see NASA doing all of the right things again! Knowing that the ISS must be finished, or as close to finished as possible before the shuttle is retired, NASA is once again doing its best up there.

    It should be rather curious to see what happens if th current generation U.S. shuttle is retired and the ISS is still not complete. The Russians will surely get in a few jokes at our expensive. :p

    As an avid fan of space, the next few years will be interesting.


    Maikeru Hatamoto
  2. Maikeru

    Maikeru TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 86

    Potential bad news involving the shuttle Endeavour

    I expect NASA to check this little gouge quite a bit during tomorrow's investigation. The last thing the U.S. space agency needs is another disaster/tragedy like shuttle Columbia. :(
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