Silent Hill composer hints at summer announcement for next game in series


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Something to look forward to: We've been hearing rumors about a new Silent Hill for years, though the team behind the series has remained quiet—until now. Akira Yamaoka, who worked as a composer on all the horror games, said that a new project he's working on will probably be announced this summer, "And I think it's the one you're kinda hoping to hear about."

Silent Hill fans have been clamoring for a new entry in the long-running series ever since Konami canceled Silent Hills in 2015. The game, developed by Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and starring Norman Reedus, had gathered plenty of hype through the P.T. interactive teaser. Kojima unceremoniously left the company later that year, eventually teaming up with Reedus for Death Stranding.

In an interview with gaming channel Al Hub, Yamaoka was asked about his next project. "You'll probably hear something this summer, to be announced, and I think it's the one you're hoping to hear about. But we're keeping it general at this point," he said.

While Silent Hill isn't mentioned by name, it's a pretty big hint that another installment is on the way. And this one won't be a slot machine, hopefully.

Early 2020 saw rumors that Konami was developing two new Silent Hill games. One a "soft-reboot;" the other an episodic narrative-style title similar to those from Telltale games—"Pyramid Head will remember that," maybe?

A new Silent Hill designed to take advantage of the PS5 does sound like an enticing prospect. Until then, fans of the series should check out the excellent The Medium (part of Xbox Game Pass for PC), which shares many similarities with Konami's games, including Yamaoka's music.

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Mercy god save me
no need kojima dirty hand he doesn't mind

dont need fxcked up just simply making a remake

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They're going to be pretty hard-pressed to top Silent Hill 2. It may have come out almost ten years ago but, to my knowledge, no other game has managed to knock it off its perch as the most frightening (and psychologically disturbing) horror video game ever made.

It's perhaps the only game that I've played that I sometimes wish that I hadn't. Silent Hill 2 can leave real scars on your psyche if you're not prepared for it and I was definitely not prepared. I'd never played a real horror game before. Hell, I was expecting it to be like Doom. :laughing: