Simple E4300 overclock for a newbie

By dr electron
Jan 1, 2008
  1. I read the FAQ sticky here and have read a lot of other stuff elsewhere. My question is can I get my e4300 up to 2.4ghz by ONLY changing my fsb speed? At some point I'd like to take it farther and fool with the voltages and memory but I want to start slow for now.
  2. Herbssat

    Herbssat TS Rookie Posts: 25

    Good evening. I am encountering this scenario right now. The overclock that you will ultimately get will depend on a number of factors including motherboard, ram, power supply and cooling. If all these things are up to par, you should have no problem getting it to 2.4ghz. However, you better check for heat related issues as I am running into this now. I have gotten my E4300 up to 2.8ghz on a Gigabyte GA965P-S3 board with stock cooling and stock voltage. However, I am concerned as I said before with heat related issues so I have backed my overclock down to 2.4ghz and ordered an Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro. If you are planning on running your system overclocked; I would strongly recommend aftermarket cooling if you dont have it already.
  3. Fragrant Coit

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    What speed RAM do you have? 667, 800 ?

    The simplest way to overclock & ALMOST be garunteed stability is to set the PCIe bust at 100, drop the RAM Divider, raise the FSB until the RAM is back at it's rated speed. Try leaving Voltages at stock.
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