SIMS 2 Body Shop Help

By 1SPete1
Jun 14, 2006
  1. Hi,
    I have SIMs 2 University, and Body Shop. When I create clothes (or create anything) in body shop, it all seems to go well; I'll edit the clothes in Paint and save it, then load it into body says that it loads sucessfully

    But, when I start the actual game, my new custom clothes do not show up. (new clothes, eye colors, skin clolors, etc. none of it works)

    Any suggestions?
  2. mko

    mko TS Rookie

    Please Help Sooon!

    Help! Everytime I Try To Install The Sims 2 Body Shop It Says That There's Problem With The The Direct 3d And Something About An Invalid Call. How Can I Make It Stop!
  3. Lawlight

    Lawlight TS Rookie


    I need help too! Every time I try and open The Sims 2 Body Shop it says Sims 2 Body Shop has stopped working. I've tried a bunch of things and have all the requirements so what's wrong? :(
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