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Sims 2 Install problem

By merclogic · 167 replies
Dec 16, 2004
  1. when it's actually installing the game it gets to around 32% and gives me this error

    "A problem occurred when trying to transfer 'F:\TSData\Control\control1.dat'
    Do you want to retry top copy the file or cancel the installation?

    of course I click retry a few times, hold down enter. Nothing works.
    Very confused. I do have a DVD drive

    System specs :
    P4 3.06ghz
    video card : geforce ti4800
    HDD : 120gb
    Ram : 512mb ddr
    Please help.

    I fixed my own problem.

    Looking around i seen that i still had my 2 virtual drives for nfsu2, and 2 for team america movie :\.

    so if you have this problem and have virtual drives, remove them and it should fix it.
  2. MissMorden

    MissMorden TS Rookie

    I seem to be having the same problem - my installation stops at 31% and I get the same message, except the file it is having trouble with has a different name. So I'd like to try and delete any virtual drives I might have.. but I have no idea wether I have virtual drives, or how to recognize any. Any help would be appreciated!


    M. Morden
  3. merclogic

    merclogic TS Rookie Topic Starter

    This depends entirley on how many drives you Have

    How many hard drives are inside your pc? Cd roms? dvd-Drives?

    if you have only 1 hard drive and one cdrom/dvdrom

    then you should have a 'C:\' and 'D:\'

    the way i removed the virtual drive was uninstalling the program i used to make the virtual drives. (which was alcohol 120%) if you know what program you used then uninstall that program and try installing again. It worked for me Hope it helps.

    Btw you really cant distinguish Virtual drives from the hard drive they look alike but you will have alot of drives in "My Computer"
  4. MissMorden

    MissMorden TS Rookie

    Thanks a lot for the quick reply - I only have a C and D drive so it would seem I don't have virtual drives. Which I sort of expected, but there's nothing as frustrating as a long-awaited (and expensive) computer game not working for no obvious reason. I'll just keep trying.


    M. Morden
  5. merclogic

    merclogic TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the only other thing i can think of is MAYBE your c:\ is partitioned. I dont know why this would effect the installation, then again i didn't know why virtual drives changed it.

    maybe its looking for the second CD on a partition. No Idea

    Good luck
  6. sporty_chick299

    sporty_chick299 TS Rookie

    sims 2

    i have installed the sims 2 and we i want to go play the main screen comes up (where it says sims 2) it will stay there for about 2 min. then it will direct me to my main screen (window) a message pops up that says you have completed an illegal move. can you help me!:)
  7. Melissa

    Melissa TS Rookie

    I had this same problem.. except it was with a different file.
    I tried it on 4 different computers and it always happened on Disc 2 on the same file.. so instead of trying to "install" disc 2.. I tried copying the files over to my computer.. and same problem.. that file was corrupted.. So I brought my game back and got a new one.. Now, my cd drive won't even read Disc 2, but it has no trouble reading disc 1,3, and 4. (Note: I did not accidently buy the DVD version of the game)
    The weird thing is, my web server can read disc 2 and copy the files from it..
    Is there any way I can copy the files from all the cd's and do an install from my hard drive? I tried it but it still asks to insert disc 2 after installing disc 1.
    I've been to all the forums dealing with sims 2.. I just keep getting the run around. My computer meets and exceeds all system requirements, I do not have any CD emulators, my game is not the wrong version, and there are no scratches on my cds.
    My drive just won't read disc 2 for some reason. Any ideas? Thanks, I greatly appreciate it.

  8. comedyman

    comedyman TS Rookie

    I had the same problem.
  9. Min

    Min TS Rookie

    I installed the sims 2 on a secondary drive - G:
    not the boot drive - C:

    when installing, it says it needs to store additional information in C:

    so i say ok.

    when i go to install the patch, i get an error that states the sims 2 is not installed or installed incorrectly and to re-install or install the sims 2.

    so i say ok.

    (i have played the game, so i know it runs)

    so, regardless - I un-install, then re-install and it says it needs to put additional info in C: again. It gives me no choices as to which drive I would rather it go to.

    I dont have enough space on the C: for the sims 2 and the expansion when it comes out. plus its not running at 10,000RPM like the G: is, so you can see why i want to install the sims 2 on G:

    ok, so i havent reinstalled the sims 2 yet, because it keeps telling me it needs to install more information on C:
    the problem is the update stating the game is not installed or needs to be re-installed.

    I have tried to install the patch on both drives. neither worked.

    the update i have is for the dvd version, the version I have, so no problemo there ;)

    so you know,

    My specs:

    P4 2.8Ghz

    1G Kingston Value RAM / PC3200
    -- ^ (one 512 meg stick rated at 2.5 Cas Latency)
    -- ^ (one 512 meg stick rated at 3,0 Cas Latency)

    ASUS P4P800 Motherboard

    Abit Radeon 9600XT 256 MB

    13 GB Maxtor HDD (Boot Drive)

    10 GB Quantum Fireball HDD (additional storage)

    74 GB RAPTOR (targeted installation drive for Sims 2)

    XP Home Edition SP2

    well, i said screw it and decided to re-install anywyas, even as it still asked me to place files in C:
    i was able to install the update, so all is well.
  10. snuggle bug 04

    snuggle bug 04 TS Rookie

    please help

    hi, :blush:
    im new to the site so i dont know if im writing in the correct place, so if i am - sorry. if im not then ...
    i have the sims 2 and i couldnt install it on my computer because it is too slow so i installed it on my laptop, when i start it up it goes on and i can actually play on it the problem is that its way too slow! i was wondering if i can either get my laptop upgraded or if theres a computer that the sims 2 works on. some told me that there was a computer called ailen hardware or something and that is the computer that the sims 2 works on the best.
    if anyone can give me some help i would be most greatful.
  11. ares_dc

    ares_dc TS Rookie


    i got the game to after a long waiting and i have the same problem like you guys.
    i Know it works, I saw it at my girlfriend's computer.
    Maybe what are you saying about virtual drives is corect, as she doesn't have one.
    I have Alcohol 120% installed on my PC and I Think That's the problem.
    I will uninstall it and try again.
    Anyway The file requested at install wizard is situated on cd 2 not in cd 1,
    maybe it should request for "insert cd 2".
    Or the game producers are so smart to make a perfect original and not aloud copyies.
  12. ares_dc

    ares_dc TS Rookie

    Thanks Merclogic for the tip. It worked.
    Anyway, guys, to solve the problem just uninstall any program which uses virtual drives (Alcohol, Nero, Virtual Drive, Daemon etc.).
    It works 100%.
    If you still have that problem be shore you have only one removable drive in your PC(conected). Just disconect the other drives(DVD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-RW) and will remain only one CD device.
    Enjoy playing!~
  13. Kenndel

    Kenndel TS Rookie

    Help please! install problem

    Hello there, I have the same problem as a lot of you have put. I got the sims 2 game a while back in september and played it , it worked fine , until a few months later it started to crash. I uninsalled the game and tried to install it again. But when it gets to 22% it comes up tih a box saying something about not being able to transfer the file EReg -bin. I am really gutted. I have tried looking for programs such as nero ion my pc. I unistalled nero and have no other programs. I dont know what to do! before i uninstall the game a box comes up saying
    "a problem occured with the file EREG. This may cuase some inconvenience."
    I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but i would welcome help!
    please post back.
    Kenndel x
  14. manuelb

    manuelb TS Rookie

    I am having a similar problem with nfsu 2. At 59% of the install process it prompts an error saying: “A problem occurred when trying to transfer LANGUAGE\......Do you want to retry top copy the file or cancel the installation?.”

    In the previous posts they mentioned to remove all virtual disks. But I need these, otherwise it gives me an error to insert disk 2. The virtual disk solves the problem but how do I get rid of the 2nd error without deleting alcohol 120?? HELP!!
    I also tried to burn the cd’s but no success. Anyhow I want to play as fast as possible without wasting another series of cd’s.
    please reply greetz
  15. Spellbynder

    Spellbynder TS Rookie

    Tsdata\control\control1.dat *Error*

    Sims Install Error


    I had this error too and after un-installing my Deamon Tool Virtual drive,
    The Sims expantion nightlife loaded without any problems. I then Re-installed the Virtual drive and game still runs like a charm.
    Thanks too Merclogic for this suggestion i would have still been trying to pull my hair out figuring out why.
  16. oleg1964

    oleg1964 TS Rookie

    by installation of SIMS 2 at Gericom laptop (DirectX Version 9.0) exactly at 22% of the process a problem occurred when trying to transfer 'D:\Support\es\Leeme.txt' from Media.
    Do you want to retry top copy the file or cancel the installation?

    Has anyone met this problem b4? what should i do? HELP!!!

    DIC_MARIA TS Rookie

    I´ve had the same problem all of you have, mine stops downloading at 99% because of the control1.dat archive.
    I´ve tried your solutions but they don´t work with my game.
    I have a "c:\" a "D:\" and a "E:\", (this last one is a dvd recorder)
    I´ve un-installed the daemon and even the Nero, but it stops in the same archive.

    Can anyone help me??, I´m pretty lost
  18. Sexysteph1990

    Sexysteph1990 TS Rookie

    when it's actually installing the game it gets to around 32% and gives me this error

    "A problem occurred when trying to transfer TSData\Sims3D\Sims13.package and also TSData\Sound\Voice5.package
    Do you want to retry top copy the file or cancel the installation?
  19. lizatat2

    lizatat2 TS Rookie

    HEy everybody ...i just bought PCcd rom the sims 2 and i seem to have problems intsalling the game...well first of it tells me to select the language then it says to write the code, iv done that and it works but the instruction after that asks me my user i chose advansed because typical doesnt work but wen im trying to find a place for the game in my computer it doesnt seem to work iv tired everything possible ...im geussing my drive is full or something and i dont know wat to do plz HELP ME! should i delet something?
  20. lizatat2

    lizatat2 TS Rookie

    aky..nvm i got it ..and its working but they game is very VERY SLOW! i think i should reinstall it because im getting very poor performance! :slurp: :eek: :unch: :cool:
  21. ilovetequan

    ilovetequan TS Rookie

    Help Me!!!! What Code!!!!

    :mad: :confused: :( I JUST got the Sims 2 like 3 minutes ago. I got as far as to when it asks you for a code. WHAT CODE!!!! There's a white box but not in the LOWER left corner in the upper. So i used those and it said they wre invalid HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. LuborK

    LuborK TS Rookie

    Solution to the "A problem occurred when trying to transfer" problem

    I became a hero for my daughter who got Sims2 and could not install it. The message "A problem occurred when trying to transfer ..." was always displayed approximately 75% in the install. By coincidence when my daugter came for advice about 3rd time I had in my hand Netflix envelope saying something like "wash the DVD in a mild dish soap if it does not play properly". And I did it with the failing SIMS2 CD and IT WORKED!!!! :haha:
  23. PoriSama

    PoriSama TS Rookie

    Sims 2 Nightlife troubleshooting

    I have downloaded Sims 2 and I am currently using Daemon Tools as my virtual drive. The game ran smoothly. Recently I also downloaded The University expansion pack and it too installed fine and plays fine. I am, however, having a problem with my installation of the Nightlife expansion pack. When I mount the image of the 1st CD it always stalls at 57% with the file control1.dat Is there anyway around this? I do not own any of the real software so I am aware that could be my problem. I also read the previous posts in this thread. One solution someone said was to uninstall the virtual drive program (daemon tools), but I can't install my download of nightlife without it. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you~ :)
  24. SugaBritches

    SugaBritches TS Rookie

    :wave: problem with directx

    :confused: I just downloaded sims 2 with no problem, but when I try to play it, an error pops up and says it failed to find any directx 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in this system. My Adapter is Intel(R) 828 10E Graphics Controller, manufactured by Intel Corporation with a chip type of Intel(R) 828 10, and the DAC Type is Internal. Do I need any other graphics adapter for this? Please help. :wave:
  25. XlostandhurtX

    XlostandhurtX TS Rookie

    Well this sux.......

    I got sims2 about 8 9 months ago I installd it on my pc N then i had My pc updated n it woz uninstalld So i put it on my mums N then i uninstalld it bcoz I wnted to start agen But wen i tryin uninstallin it it sed sumthink about Not haveing a file on my mums laptop wen it wuld get up to about 20% or sumthink so I tryd putin it back on my pc But it keeps saying setup.exehas encounterd a problem and needs to close we are sorry for the enconvenience ......N it keeps saying it N i dunno wot to doo :( I really wonna play on it Mehh Will some one Help me plzz
    Can you e-mail me if you can help me my e-mail addy is Hyper_gabz@hotmail.com I will b verry thankfull xxx
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