Sims 2 Problems

By johnnylawh ยท 7 replies
Oct 3, 2004
  1. I can;t seem to get my Sims 2 CD to read in my cd drive. What the hell?
  2. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    If your cd drive is reading other discs then I suggest you may have a faulty copy of Sims2. Take it or send it back to where you purchased it and tell them your drve wont read it. Regards Howard:grinthumb
  3. sara4sims

    sara4sims TS Rookie

    When I 1st tried, mine wouldnt. simply take it out and put it in again or go to my computer and try it
  4. Nataya

    Nataya TS Rookie

    This may be a dumb question, but did you accidently purchase the Special DVD Version? Because I did, on purpose though. And mine only seems to work in my DVD-rom drive, not my CD drive. When I put my disc in my CD, it acts like it isn't there.
  5. stubborn

    stubborn TS Rookie

    Poor Quality control

    I got my FIRST CD version of Sims2 as a xmas gift & DISK 3 was bad. It has a sub-surface defect (a smooth white arc) that you can just barely see if you hold the disk at the right angle under bright light. Disks 1 & 2 read & installed fine; Disk three 'installed' for about 15 minutes and then crashed. In their wisdom Maxis decided that all install problems should be fixed by just starting over from the beginning. I tried all the EAGAMES tech support suggestions - clean disk, copy all disks to hardrive to install, different PC's - but no luck. SECOND CD version, DISK 4 was bad - same crash during loading - slightly different subsurface defects (a few "dots" on the disk). I finally got it loaded by using a good DISK 4 borrowed from a friend (the 16-digit install key apprently only checks DISK 1).

    I've checked several other forums & disk read problems are common.

    Now I can get game loaded, but it randomly locks up. If I wasn't so stubborn, I'd have quit by now. SIMS (1) and all the upgrade packs always loaded rightaway. Did Microsoft quietly buy Maxis when I wasn't looking and start writing their software?
  6. CuteStuff

    CuteStuff TS Rookie

    Sims 2

    I recently bought the sims 2 game and it downloaded with no problem and then it says that i can't play because i don't have directx 9.0c( a graphic thing) and that i don't have the latest drivers what does that mean. What can i download so that i can play my game. my computer is a Compaq Xp and its an 2003 model. What IS WRONG :confused: :confused:
  7. kol_indian

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    First to download DirectX drivers go to the windows update site

    secondly what graphics card does ur system have, find it and download the latest drivers from the appropriate site.

    good hunting.
  8. alternateve

    alternateve TS Rookie

    PC crashes when creating a SIM

    hi, i have a 3.0 Ghz processor, 512MB ram memory and 64MB NVidia video card, thing is, everytime i create a sim; my PC freezes. my friends say i need to DL the latest driver for NVidia and direct x 9.0c; will this guarantee resolving my issue? :(
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