Sims 2 - Voice4.package

By lydubs
Aug 12, 2007
  1. Each time I try to install the Sims 2 on my Windows XP VAIO, I get the same error on Disc 3 around 51%.

    It says:
    A problem occured when trying to transfer the file 'TSData\Res\Sound\Voice4.package from the media.
    Do you want to retry to copy the file, or cancel the installation?

    I've retried many times and I've even tried manually installing it! (Boy, was that a pain!) It installed, but I got an error message about Directx when I ran it. I tried renaming it and I have Directx 10!

    Well, after I installed University and Pets the game worked but the graphics were really messed up and the font was way different, but still readable. When I tried to create a family, the game would crash. I removed the manually installed files completely and have tried manually installing again but now it won't install either way because of voice4.package!!

    I've tried POI mode too. Nothing has worked for me!

    I don't see why it's not working now. It worked before on this same computer!

    This is a HUGE problem! Please help me out any way you can!
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