Sims 2

By fobilicious
Dec 24, 2004
  1. hello guys. I have a question and i hope you guys can help me solve this. thanks!

    i got an original copy of the sims 2 that i want to copy to my computer and i did. I downloaded each disk into a specific folder. but during installation, i could only run the first disc from the hard drive then after that I needed to insert the specified cd. then i tried to run the game, and an error message said "insert disc 1" would show up. I just bought this computer and which i custom made it which it didnt come with a burner. My question is can i run the sims from my hard drive instead from the cd-rom?

    if that's not possible, can i just use any software to make a copy of disc 1 just like how i would make a copy of any other cds?

    thanks and happy holidays!
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