Sims Deluxe Edition won't Install

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Jul 3, 2004
  1. My Window's XP Home Edition computer was reformatted and now it won't install my Sims Deluxe Edition! Once I click "Install" on the Autostart screen after a few minutes this error message pops up - "An installation support file could not be installed. Data error (cyclic redundancy check)." How do I fix that so I can install my Sims?!


  2. Rick

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    That error message means that the data from the CD is corrupted.

    Most commonly, this is due to a scratched, smudged or otherwise unreadable CD.

    If you have two CD-ROMs, try the other one. And if it still does it, attempt to clean the bottom of the CD.
  3. lun4tik

    lun4tik TS Rookie

    Not It

    THat's not it there is a general problem with that game instaiiling.
  4. darkness

    darkness TS Rookie

    when installing sims deluxe i keep getting sorry, theres not eoungh diskspace on . when i have 90gigs free help pls
  5. chocopretzle94

    chocopretzle94 TS Rookie

    Component Transfer error

    Ive had Sims Deluxe edition for a while. I downloaded it on a windows 200 fine but then i lost the game and acciedently uninstalled it. Now on a windows XP I try to download it and it dosent work . It says Error Component transfer error. What do I do??
  6. beckie007

    beckie007 TS Rookie


    can someone please help trying to install sims deluxe edition and when it comes up for the choice to install it pops up with something about my copy utility... im sooooo desperate for help so if you know what to do or youve experienced this and got through it then please help me and tell me what to do you will be a real life saver..x
  7. TimeParadoX

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    Make a new thread Beckie007, also give a screenshot of what the question is ( press PrintScreen or PrtScn above the numberpad / next to the F12 button )
  8. haloman

    haloman TS Rookie Posts: 66

    Installation problems

    I'm having trouble installing sims deluxe, too. when i get near the end of preparing install shield,it says, "An installation support file 'C:\DOCUME~1\Temp\(10798AE3-DCBB-43C3-9C93-C23512427E25)\isrt.dll'Could not be installed.
    Access is denied."

    Wat can I do to fix this?
  9. wii-ste

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  10. haloman

    haloman TS Rookie Posts: 66

    dint help

    The Website didn't help...Anything else i can do?
  11. haloman

    haloman TS Rookie Posts: 66

    dint help

    I have all the data installed, but whenever i click on it, it says, "it has come to our attension that you have installed another expansion pack after sims deluxe, and that we will atumatically update your installation. Press ok to proceed." But i haven't installed another expansion pack, and whenever i press ok, it goes to the same installation screen forsims deluxe, and it does the same thing i had the problem with to begin with. Any suggestions?
  12. gothgirlpunk

    gothgirlpunk TS Rookie

    i need help i have both cd's to reload it but i dont have the number that came with it it wont let me do it with out puting the code in my laptop crash and i just got if fix but i dont have the code if some one can help i will love you bye
  13. haloman

    haloman TS Rookie Posts: 66

    possible solution

    use the web link in one of the above chats. It might help.
  14. Hardman

    Hardman TS Rookie

    Hi Haloman: Have you found a solution yet or have you 'binned' the game?
  15. haloman

    haloman TS Rookie Posts: 66


    it seems like the original sims was compapable with my computer but the sims livin large is not. strange, but i got the normal sims installed without livinlarge
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