Sims Two Nightlife Installation

By ilovecasey2009
Dec 27, 2007
  1. I decided to reinstall my nightlife game today to play but everytime it gets to 43% on the first disk it stops at TSData/Res/Sound/Sfx1.package
    and then i get an error message that reads:

    A problem occured while trying to transfer the file
    'TSData/Res/Sound/Sfx1.package' from the media. Do you want to retry to copy the file, or cancel the installation?

    I have clicked retry like 100000000 times and it still won't work. I turned off my firewalls and antivirus software but it had no effect. I have tryed the installation numerous times but it won't work. I even restarted my computer a couple times and reinstalled the sims 2 and university but no luck.

    What can i do to fix this?

    Thanks alot,
  2. SxEAJ

    SxEAJ TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Clean the disc, I mainly use spit, then rub it with my T-Shirt. I know thats nasty, but works like a charm. If that dosen't work, then check to see if there are any permanent scratches, or if the disk itself isn't cracked. If it isn't, then check to see if you have enough hard drive space. To do this, go to my computer, right click the C Drive, and hit properitys, see how much free space is left. If less than 5 gigabytes are left, then that's probably the problem.
  3. twigsta

    twigsta TS Rookie

    sims nightlife problems

    this is doin my head in!

    about a year ago i had sims 2 nightlife on my computer, then my bro installed itunes and made it go realli slow. now we have wiped the computer and i cant get nightlife bak on it. it gets to about 43% an says it cant install sound or sumthin, ive tried to do this about 200 bloody times!

    please help someone!!
  4. twigsta

    twigsta TS Rookie


    exactly the same percentage and the same file wont copy! have u fixed it yet? xx
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