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sims2 error message tsdata/res/sound/voice package from media.

By mbeck ยท 6 replies
May 28, 2005
  1. My husband uninstalled the game and I am trying to reinstall and it keeps giving me this error message. Do I have to buy another game or does this have some thing to do with Direct x
    tsdata/res/sound/voice package from media
  2. XApemanX

    XApemanX TS Rookie Posts: 17

    there may be a scratch on your cd or the lense on your cdrom drive is a bit dirty. I suggest you clean the cd with a cd cleaner and w/e the bottle prescribles to whipe it down with and to get a cdrom head cleaner cd or something like that.
    you should probly wait for one of the pc guru's to put in a post on this topic just to be shure
  3. mbeck

    mbeck TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That didn't work, but thanks anyway. Ea games did respond to my email but they needed extra info from me. So I guess I'll just wait for them to respond
  4. SleepinDevil

    SleepinDevil TS Rookie

    hey just a suggestion

    i had that troblem a while ago with the older sims. it seems that the game doesnot uninstall properly u will need to find some utility which uninstalls the whole game. me i just reformated my whole harddrive cos i dont really care about that old computer and the game installed and worked fine. i am quite sure its something to do with the uninstal process which was probably not completed or interupted in the middle. but ofcourse i have no idea
  5. mbeck

    mbeck TS Rookie Topic Starter

    As far a I know the game was fully deleted. I went to add or remove programs and it wasn't there. Is there somewhere else that would have to check?
  6. Keirra

    Keirra TS Rookie

    I Know EXACTLY how to solve this :-D

    It is most likely because it was uninstalled improperly. Below are steps to install the Sims 2 manually, which I got from EA's response to this problem, which I also had. But after I did each of these things correctly, everything's working fine. It installed correctly.

    Here are the steps!!! :

    For the CD edition:

    Double-click My Computer.
    Right-click on the Local Disk C and choose Open.
    Right-click inside the window and select New, and then Folder.
    Name the folder Disk Images it is important that the name has a space in it.
    Double-Click the new Disk Images folder to open it.
    Right-click inside the window and select New, and then Folder.
    Name this folder Disk1.
    Repeat steps 6 and 7 while substituting Disk1 for Disk2 and so on until there
    are 4 'Disk' folders followed by a number 1 through 4. it is important to note
    there must not be a space between "Disk" and the number.
    Insert Disk 1 of The Sims 2 into your CD-Rom drive and if the autoplay starts,
    cancel it.
    Double-click My Computer to open it.
    Right-click on your CD-ROM drive and choose Open.
    When you see the contents of the disk in the Window, click on Edit at the top of
    the window and choose Select All.
    All the contents of the disk should now be highlighted, click on Edit at the top
    of the window again and choose Copy.
    Open the Disk1 folder you created under C:\Disk Images; click on Edit at the top
    of the window and choose Paste. This will copy the contents of the CD into the
    Disk1 folder.
    Repeat steps 9 through 14 for the remaining disks until you have copied each
    disk into its appropriate folder.
    Once all the disks have been copied, remove ALL CDs from any drives.
    Open the Disk1 folder under Disk Images and double-click on autorun.exe to start
    the installation.
    To save disk space, you can delete the Disk Images folders after the
    installation has completed.

    If you receive an error whilst copying the files this means the disk is either
    damaged or defective. If the disk is clean with no visible scratches/damage,
    you should exchange your copy for a new one through the store of purchase or our
    Warranty Department. Please click here for the warranty information:
    echo $p_sid ? >


    For the DVD version:

    Insert the DVD into the DVD-rom drive. Exit the startup menu when it comes up.
    Double click My Computer, then right click on the DVD-rom drive with the game
    DVD in it and select Explore.
    Hold the CTRL key and then hit A. That should select all the folders and files.
    Then hold CTRL and hit C. This will not look like it does much, but it's
    preparing to copy the files.
    Close that folder and go to your desktop. Right click anywhere BUT on an icon,
    and Select New, then Folder. Name the folder Sims2 DVD.
    Then double-click that folder, and hit CTRL and V. This will begin copying the
    files from the DVD.
    Once the files are copied, remove the disc from the drive.
    Double-click on the Setup icon in the folder.
    You may delete the Sims2 DVD folder once the installation is complete.


    It DOES work! Even though it's tedious, it's worth it because it works. Hope this helped!

    If this DIDN'T help you, then let me know b/c then I can put other options that EA Tec help gave me.

  7. karolina1878

    karolina1878 TS Rookie

    hi. it did not help. steel after srating it shows sims2 error message tsdata/res/sound/voice package from media and stops not at 7% but 0%, it's even does not start to setup.
    do you have more ideas? please help me.
    thank you.
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