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Oct 30, 2006
  1. Hi, I have the SIMS2 game for PC and had it installed on my desktop PC but it was way to slow, cause was lack of memory. So I went to put it on my Laptop that has much more memory than my desk top PC.
    The problem is that I get to 23% and it asked for second disk, so I put it in the drive but it does not do anything. It completly stops at the control1 part of installation. I tryed to do what I read on the problem but still nothing.
    It will not read the second disk.
    I put files into folder on my laptop pc and it did not read the second folder when installing. So now what do I do. I so want to play the game.
    I will be getting more memory for the desktop later when I have more funds for it, but that may be a while. Any ideas as to how I can get the game to play on my laptop?
  2. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    I'm a bit lost as towards what's really happening here.

    So, you run the install.. it works flawlessly then it asks for disk 2. You put in Disk 2 and what *precisely* happens then? Do you wait 10-20 seconds after changing disks then hit "OK"? What does it do after this?

    Also, without running the installer... browing in My Computer and inserting disk 1 or disk 2, what happens? Does the disk-label change? Or is it recognizing Disk 2 as Disk 1?

    You say you copied disk 2 to your HD. Is it truly Disk 2 or is the laptop not sensing the media change?

    One thing to try also would be to start the installer. When it asks for disk 2, hit CTRL-ESC to pop the start menu, go to My Computer and find the cd drive. Right click on the CD Drive then select "Eject.." This will force the LAPTOP to dismount the CD. Then remove disk 1, insert disk 2, then right click on the drive in My Computer again and select "Explore.." It will tell you to insert a disk, hit the button on the cd drive and WAIT for your PC to open a cd browser on Disk 2. When this happens, close the browser, alt-tab back to the installer and hit OK.
  3. GeekieNick101

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    Try cleaning the disk? Serval times my sims games never want to install so I clean the and well la it worked I doubt it would work I'm sure you tried it already
  4. Delavoye1

    Delavoye1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It all goes well for disk1 then when it ask's for the disk2 and I switch from disk1 to disk2 then it stops.. I will try and do what you said with the ctrl & esc.
    Maybe it is not sencing t ia change..
    Yes I have cleaned the cd several time's thanks anyway for the info..
  5. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    Mainly we have to determine if it's a bad CD or something wrong with the laptop's CD drive. It's pretty common for cd drives to have a bad sensor/switch and be unable to detect a media change. I've had laptops that sense the FIRST cd change, then any other cd you put in after show up as that first cd lol.

    Kinda interesting having switched from MS Office Disk 1, to say, Battlefield 2 CD.. yet it shows up in My Computer as MS Office Disk 1 lol.

    If you've disabled autorun in the registry, this can also have this effect on SOME cd drives. If you remember ever doing that registry change, changing it back can sometimes yield positive results.

    Last but not least, while your desktop PC may not have enough memory- it might be worth trying a fresh re-install with your CD's to at least rule out a bad set of discs. If it installs/works on the desktop, this will tell us the cd's are likely okay and it's just a problematic or finicky laptop. :)
  6. cfitzarl

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    I had a similar problem due to a scratched disk. I bought a new version and it solved the problem.
  7. Delavoye1

    Delavoye1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It worked Sharkfood thank you and every one else for helping ...
  8. Delavoye1

    Delavoye1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the game fully installed
  9. Delavoye1

    Delavoye1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh and runs well...Thank you again
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