SiS 650/740 Broken Links

  1. Julio Franco

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  2. Andy Canfield

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    The link that is broken is for the Windows 98 driver.
    The 'update' you gave me is for the Windows XP driver.
    We're running Windows 98; we needed the Windows 98 driver.
    I installed the Windows XP driver from the CD-ROM
    (by the way, drivers ought to refuse to install on the
    wrong operating system) and if I turn acceleration down to
    zero it seems to work. Hasn't crashed yet. But I have been
    hunting for the Windows 98 drivers for this hardware.

    The page is for the Windows 98 driver.
    Clearly you ought to remove that page.
    On that page is a link to click on if I find a broken link.
    That's what I did. And got thrown into a public forum.
    I hope Mr. Webmaster sees the post and fixes the page.

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