Sis sound driver problem

By bajsbruno
Oct 29, 2005
  1. I have the exakt same problem as the guy in this thread, only I have Xp pro.
    I downloaded CPU-Z, and it says that my mainboardmodel is SiS651. I have tried installing the right driver (SiS7012 Audio Driver) but I get that "UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices -536870397"-message. What to do?
  2. .van

    .van TS Rookie

    yes.. me too..
    i just format my laptop, and for some reason it keep giving me that same error everytime i try to install the driver..
    btw my chipset is SiS661FX
    can anyone help please??

    thanks in advance
  3. Triton

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    "UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices" is used in driver INF (setup information file) to load a driver for a device based on its PCID/VEN (PCID vender) number.

    The SIS chipset used on the motherboard supports AC97 sound but does not mean it also uses a SIS sound chip.
    The chipset used does not tell you who made the motherboard or other hardware used on the board..
    You need to identify the motherboard maker and determine the sound chip used on it so the proper driver can be installed..

    Go to the computer, motherboard or laptop makers WEB site and use the sound driver listed. This should help you ID the sound chip used.
    Or you can use software utilities to ID hardware used on the boards.

    EVEREST Home Edition

    The BIOS String ID
    Mobo ID Tools
  4. Tribal-Phoenix

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