Situation 2 win2003 2 nics each 1 network

By whanchett
Jan 12, 2007
  1. Ok im working on a small business that is using two servers both have 2 nics both running win 2003. One server is DC/dns/dhcp/file server. The other is an application server and TS server. Why they are both running to nics thru same network is beyond me. there is only about 10 people in office. couple ?'s . Is there anyway to find out what is running on each nic service wise w/o disabling them and finding out by errors? do i need to disable one? load balance or bridge connections? I think this is whats causing problems with a few pcs trying to locate the dc . Of course in dns both ips are listed for each server. Help Please also FYI there is only one switch/router and not managed. Nics are connected to switch . the TS is also open to outside via port thru router.
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