SLI or not? i need it under 325

By deano3041
Jul 19, 2005
  1. ok heres my deal i have planned on gettin a x800xl for my new pc because of what i read in computer shopper. the mag said that the x800xl would perform great in most all games but now i have read reviews that are making me lean towards sli possibly 2x 6600 gts i want the total cost to be under 300 but if it is under 325 that is good too i will be playin counterstike source and age of empires 3 when it comes out i will not be playin doom 3 but i might get battlefield 2 i would enjoy playin most of my games on high detail but i do not need screaming frame rates just a great picture that wont affect my gameplay as i understand counterstrike does not require that great of a graphics card for high frame rates but i hear battlefield 2 is a monster so i would b comfortable with playin that on medium detail and high frame rates. anyways what i am askin is waht setup should i go with should i git the x800xl or go with the sli and waht kind of advantage will sli give me?

  2. vnf4ultra

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    Do you have the dfi sli board or the dfi nforce ultra board? If you don't have an sli board, go with a more powerful single card, as a new motherbaord will set you back at least $150, which doesn't leave much for the cards. A 6600gt sli is similar to a single 6800gt. x800xl's are good cards too.
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