SLI or upgrade?

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Sep 5, 2007
  1. Hey all,
    So I've been lookin around trying to read up on this SLI business. I have a EVGA Geforce 8600GTS 512mb SLI card, and even though i purchased it just recently, it seems to be lacking a bit for the newest games (Bioshock, and the games soon to come). The higher end cards (8800) are just way expensive, so I was wondering if it would be worth it to buy another 8600GTS and run it in SLI. My motherboard has a PCI16x and PCI8x slot, so the cards would both be running at 8x, but I read somewhere that this is really no big deal, and 8x is just fine for the software out today. My ultimate question is if two of my boards hooked up in SLI will perform better in newer games than certain 8800 cards. Is there a place where this comparison is made?
    I also read that SLI does not necessarily double the performace, but divides the processing tasks up by certain category between the boards. Can someone elaborate on this please?
    The guy will all of the questions
    and none of the answers
  2. MicroUnC

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    Your specs?
  3. mikeusru

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    PSU: ROSEWILL|RP550-2 (550 W)
    Motherboard: ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe NF570SLI AM2
    CPU: AMD|A64 X2 5200+ 2.6G AM2 2M R
    Memory: 1G|TRANS DDRII 800 JM800QLJ-1G
    Video Card: EVGA 512-P2-N773-AR 8600GTS 512
  4. Cinders

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  5. mikeusru

    mikeusru TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 48

    yeah i realized recently the 2g is necessary, the second gig is actually in the fedex truck on the way to my house with no one there to sign for it right now :)
  6. mikeusru

    mikeusru TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 48

    that's a great article, totally answers my question.
    Thanks, cinders
  7. kpo6969

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  8. LinkedKube

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    I'd say upgrade :p
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