SLi Problem

By NickelWater
Oct 19, 2006
  1. hey, im currently using dual Nvidia GeForce 6800 256mb SLi enables graphics cards, but when i turn SLi and try to run a game (such as Star Wars Galaxies, or 3DMark06) it get shaking streaks through my screen. this doesnt occur with SLi off. any clue what might be causing this?
  2. johnmayo

    johnmayo Banned Posts: 61

    PSU or Driver Issue?
    Try uninstalling your Forceware Drivers and Reinstalling them..
    You can download them here.

    Also what is your PSU?
  3. TecsoundVic

    TecsoundVic TS Rookie

    hi, i had a similar streaking problem with my duel NV 6700GT's.
    i have alot of hard drives, 7 to be exact, all 400gb WD drives, and a whole lot of other computer nonscence i seem to keep buying, and when i got my second 6700, it was doing that, my problem was fixed when i cranked up my PSU from a 550w to a big 850w mother thing which i got from the US through work.....
  4. NickelWater

    NickelWater TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well i got 460w... but i bought it from alienware and thats as high as i could get... you would think if they gave you SLI they would at least let you get enough power for it...
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