Sling Media Announces SlingPlayer 2.0 with Clip+Sling, SlingCatcher

By Julio Franco
Jan 7, 2008
  1. Sling Media Announces SlingPlayer 2.0 with Clip+Sling, SlingCatcher, SlingLink Wireless, and SlingModem Details


    Whereas the Slingbox is designed to transmit video, the SlingCatcher receives video content for display on a television. Video can be received in a variety of ways: The SlingPlayer for TV feature allows the SlingCatcher to display local or remote Slingbox content on a television. The SlingSync feature allows a variety of video file types--including HD content--to be synchronized from the PC to a USB mass storage device (hard drive or thumb drive) attached to the SlingCatcher for television playback. SlingProjector streams any video content displayed on a PC to a television, such as content from popular online video sites. The SlingCathcer includes an IR remote for a truly "lean back" television experience.

    SlingCatcher will be available in Q2 for $249.99. At that time, we will be introducing SlingLink Wireless for $49.99. SlingLink Wireless is an optional 802.11g USB adapter designed for use with the SlingCatcher.

    SlingPlayer 2.0

    SlingPlayer 2.0 for PC includes "Clip+Sling" functionality, allowing Slingbox customers to "grab" clips of their favorite television moments and instantly share them online. Additionally, SlingPlayer 2.0 incorporates an electronic program guide that displays a customer's television channel lineup and programming. Last, but not least, SlingPlayer 2.0 incorporates a 60-minute video buffer that allows local pause, rewind, and fast forward transport controls. SlingPlayer 2.0 will be available in Q1 at no cost to Slingbox owners.


    SlingModem is the first cable modem with a built-in Slingbox. This product is fully functional and CableLabs certified. We're in talks with a variety of MSOs in the US and worldwide to bring this product to market.
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