Slow boot-up after power outage

By Jim369
Oct 23, 2004
  1. Hi there. My daughter's computer is taking a very long time (5=10 min) to boot-up and or I get the blue screen of death. She told me they had a storm related power outage. She has a Dell Dimension 2300 with 256 mb ram. Its a P/4 running W/XP home. It was plugged into a $5. power strip. I have done the following. Tried a new 350 watt Antec psu, but that didn't help. Next I took the H/D out of her machine and put it in a new computer and the H/D worked fine. I then took the H/D from the new computer and tried it in my daughters computer and it took a long time to boot. I'm guessing now its either the motherboard or the CPU or both. Any ideas as to how I can narrow it down more or fix it?
    Thanks alot Jim
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