Slow File Sharing Problem

By crysalis
Dec 8, 2004
  1. I have a client who has a small Network consisting of 7 computers and one File Server. All systems are Pentium 4s running Windows XP smoothly. All 7 computers have a mapped drive that points to the file Server for file use and sharing.

    The Hard drive on the File Server is close to full (40GB with 39GB used). I had planned to just purchase a new 160GB Hard drive, but decided to go ahead a build a new file server to replace the existing one (since the existing one had been giving errors for quite some time now). I built the new box with a Pentium 2.8 800FSB on a Asus P4P800S-SE (800FSB)with 1GB (2x512) DDR400 Corsair RAM and 160GB 72000RPM HD.

    The new system runs like a dream. I installed Windows XP Pro with SP2 and other updates, the whole deal. When I installed the new box, everything ran smooth and without problems. But, the loading of shared files via the network on the 7 computers is ridiculously slow (taking up to 5 minutes at some points). when, in fact, the old box it took less than 3 seconds.(The older box is a Pentium 4 1.2 133FSB with 512RAM and 40GB 7200 HD.)

    During troublshooting the new box, I switched out the HD thinking it was damaged, nothing. Tested all internal components of the new box, all working fine. Unistalled SP2, nothing. Tooked off scheduled tasks, enabled indexing everything thing possible and nothing made the new box run as efficient as that old box.

    I started to suspect that maybe it can be a Windows Hotfix I downloaded, so I went ahead and started to unistall them, but after 3 or 4 unistalls, Windows crashed. So I have to start from scratch.

    So I did, installed Window XP Professiopnal again with no updates whatsoever. I tested out the box in my home network and it's running extremely slow?!? I do not understand why the old box loads up all that data over the network so quickly (30+ gigs of data) and the new box i buildt with 3 times the power cannot. Does anybody know whats wrong?? What feature needs to be off or on or whatever.

    Please, any help will do. I'll been at this for about a month and i want finish it already.
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