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Oct 31, 2006
  1. i cant find a mobo with a fsb of 2 gigs! is there one that has that speed? oh and is there a way to combine the processing power of two mobos? if there isnt there should be.
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    from my understanding u dont really need 2 mobo cause the "processing" is all done by the cpu. the cpu process information by clock speed N performance. so that is why pcs with duo core or C2D is the fastest pc out there. if anything i think a smaller mobo would be better cuz the cpu will have to send info over a shorter distance via north/ south bridges. (but i am a newbie so idk)

    as for fsb. fsb is a data bus that connects the memory N cpu. now wat eva the cpu needs the memory will run at double that frenquency. i.e. cpu needs 166 fsb the memory runs at 333mhz.

    so there are mobo that can have 2gigs or more of memory but the frenquency is wat determines the FSB not the amount of gigs (but once again I am a newbie N learning so idk)
  3. codez13579

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    that board has a 1066 fsb. also the 8 SATA are 4 sata 1.5 and 4 sata 2 (3 Gbit)...

  5. cfitzarl

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    How could you possibly combine 2 motherboards together? I have heard of motherboards with more than one processor chipset, but never that. I could be wrong, but it doesn't sound correctly possible to me.
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    A mobo with a fsb of 2 ghz? Nothing like that is made currently, at least for desktop computers. AMD mobos have a HyperTransport link that runs that fast on most of its newer mobos, but that is different than the fsb.

    If you want to have multiple mobos, you would basically be creating a server.

    HERE is an explanation of the HyperTransport link.
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