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slow motion game problem

By agent
Jan 3, 2007
  1. I'm doubting anyone can help but I guess it's worth a shot.... Battlefield 2 (game) is running in slow motion. It used to run fine at full settings. It's not a lag issue, it happens right away on the tital screen.
    I've narrowed it down to more than likely a mobo compatibility problem. The only way I WAS able to run it for awhile was to pull the main battery and reboot. (Something is writting cmos/bios...?) Now that trick doesn't work. The mother board and processor is a stock sony Vaio and their really isn't any settings to look at or change in bios.
    And yes, I have tried EVERYTHING else (update drivers, reinstall, defrag, swapped video cards, c drive restore, spyware, virus check, cleared bf2 files, manually updated pb, memory tests, hd test, temp tests ECT, ect...)
    This has got to be a conflict as this circuit city paper weight was not meant to be upgraded... Its running at the same speed (about half video only, sound is fine) regardless of what I do and it does it on Half life as well. Here are the specs

    P4 3.2 hyper threaded, (915g express, 775 socket?) video card upgraded to 7800gt aopen, ram 1.5 (1 gig kingston hyper x 3200 184 pin, the other half is stock) 120 g hdm, 550watt ps.
    I would be highly impressed if anyone could even start to help me....
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