Slow performance with AMD 64 3700

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Dec 22, 2005
  1. Hello again everyone.
    I just seem to be having one problem after another here :p
    Right, after replacing my Mobo and Processor and getting it to work, I configured Bios and did a "Repair" of window's XP, after waiting a while and allowing it to finish I installed and re installed a few drivers here and there, after that I played some games and noticed I was getting pretty poor performance in most of them, it seemed like my Processor was being held back, Doom3 in particular crashed during a time demo and was running terribly slow, I havent fully uninstalled my 3D drivers, I just installed fresh over the top and somehow have a feeling this is part of the problem, however the other problem is it takes AGES to boot into windows after a restart, i'm talking like where it says "please wait while your profiles are loaded" it takes 5 min's or more, would this be something Bios Related (havent updated them yet) 3D card related or because I repaired windows XP? any suggestions are appreciated fully.

  2. vnf4ultra

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    A reformat/clean install should fix the problem if it's not hardware related, but that might be a bit extreme. You might try removing your video drivers and loading new ones, as stated here.
  3. CatastrophE

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    Trying right now to do that, hopefully that will solve things, if not I might have to invest in a backup hard drive and do a clean re-format, i'd love to start fresh.

  4. CatastrophE

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    Well it seem's to have solved a few problems, i'll do some more tests
  5. Arcanum

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    Try uninstalling graphics card, chipset and soundcard drivers, then run driver cleaner and reboot, then install first the chipset drivers, then graph. card drivers and sound card drivers at last - all the latest versions from the official sites if you can.

    That should fix the problem if it's driver related, but I would recommend a complete reinstall when you have the time.
  6. CatastrophE

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    Thanks for your reply's everyone, but i've got a new problem now, ok so I started to get nice performance from everything but got some nasty crashes during most games I played, I decided to buy a new HD and use the other to keep all of my stuff safe for a nice clean re install.

    Well that worked and now everything is nice and quick and i'm having no problems...except most of the games i've tried still crash to desktop randomly, ive checked over countless forums and websites with the Error codes I get etc but to no avail, some examples are Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, i'll be playing and then suddenly, it will crash with no warning to desktop and give me an error log in the file (vampire caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
    in module engine.dll at 001b:20080a00.
    Read from location ffffffff caused an access violation.) this isnt much use to me since it doesent tell me much specifically, sometimes it will cause my PC to totaly restart and then tell me the Pc has had a "serious error" when I send the error report off it first came back to me telling me it was a "Hardware Conflict involving "Unknown"" this means it's probably a conflict involving either the 3D card or something else, but still it doesent mean much to me since it's not specific at all, a few tries later it mentioned a Fix to this problem, installing Service Pack 2....shame it's already installed then eh?.
    I turned off the automatic shutdown on error, but the Bsod doesent mention anything, it's just a static blue again no luck.
    I've tried re installing sound drivers to latest, and 3D card to latest Omega, no luck, I toyed with the idea it may be overheating problems but my Processor is at 55 under load, so that probably isnt it, I have the ULI 3.0 AGP drivers installed along with Cool N Quite Processor Drivers and the most recent sound drivers AC 97 Audio.
    This is really getting me down, everything I do comes to a dead end, if I could somehow find a way to look for conflicts, then that would probably be the end of my problem, however I dont know what I could use...
    Device Manager reports no conflicts and all I have to go on is some error files.

    Someone, anyone, help me please :(
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