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Aug 16, 2006
  1. I have an emachine pc, I use dial-up and I know it's slow but not usually this slow. I'm not sure what I should delete ,am scared i'll delete the wrong thing! I have so many things on here and want to clear up some space and I really need to run a scan to see if I have something bad on my pc, but every time I download something it only scans and not removes. Does anyone know of a COMPLETLY FREE download, and some kind of download to tell which things to delete?
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    if you want , google has a pack that has ad-aware and norton [trial for a year] and a few other goodies. the only problem is norton alone is about 20-30megs. it would take you hours to download it. your real best bet is to go to a place like bets buy or even freddys and pick up an anti-virus program. you should be able to pick one up for $20-$50. i would reccomend norton. or you could go to and download the trial of norton get rid of the viruses/spyware then you can buy the full verson for like $39.99. its worth it they put out updates out almost every day. also this ones complety free, go to
    its not trial ware so its free foreverand they publish updates now and then. also you could try runnung windows defragmenter. and disk cleanup. if you have xp, others may be close, start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools ->defrag then got to disk clean up. with disk clean up do it first and when it asks it is safe to check all the boxes. it will take a while. good luck

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