small business server 2000

By dthompson
Jul 31, 2004
  1. I just started work with a company that is running small business server 2000. Currently we are unable to access shared folders on other computers. The folders are shared and permissions are granted to the group everyone. When we browse down thru the heirarchy we can see each others pc, but when we double-click on the pc icon, we receive an error message that states that the user does not have permissions to use this resource. We are unable to access from client to client or from server to client. I have looked and I did not find any group policies that would prevent us from sharing folders. Any help is greatly or
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    Make sure every PC is in the SAME workgroup. Check that there is no firewall stopping the access to the PCs (set individual permissions in the firewall-program if you use fixed IP-addresses).
    Rather than Everyone, set permission on a per-user basis, or put a bunch of users in Powerusers, and give the Powerusers-group access.
    If you have only a small number of PCs, this is your safest bet.

    Check that MS file-sharing is installed / enabled on each PC.
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    If you are logging into a domain, be sure the machines set appropriate folder permissions on each machine/folder. Easiest way is likely to create a group on the server, have that propogated to the machines on logon, and use that to set the permissions.

    Also, have you tried accessing the folders via \\machine\foldername?

    Some windows are annoying about not letting you access \\FOO but will let you access \\FOO\Folder.

    Hope this helps. And indeed, welcome to Techspot!
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