Small graphical artifacts: card or drivers?

By jgroome
Aug 22, 2007
  1. I recently have noticed some odd little graphical problems when I play any game on my computer. This is relatively a newish (1-2 months) problem, and I can't for the life of me figure out what the problem is, as it never really happened before.

    With certain types of graphics, small lines or boxes appear around them. It happens mostly with things that are cloud or glow effects, mostly on spells and the like. It almost looks like the graphics engine is trying too hard, and showing the borders of the effect as well. The cloud effects also seem to be really square and boxy as well. Some transparent colours also appear too intense, becoming almost opaque.

    This whole problem started as far as I know when I installed Neverwinter Nights 2, but it effects my whole system now.

    I am using the most current version of DirectX, and the drivers for my ATI Radeon X550 are also up to date.

    Any idea what might be causing the problem, and/or how to fix it?
  2. raybay

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    There are a lot of error messages posted by users at the Neverwinter Nights 2 forum, so check there first... and do a gurgle search for Neverwinter Nights 2. Then if you don't find relevant answers there, you might look at this stuff below... which is guesswork, but has helped with some of our clients.

    It would be helpful to know what those "certain types of graphics" are... It sounds as if it could be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling Office and other software. but it is perhaps possible that spyware or adware is involved, as well.
    Run your antivirus and antispyware software twice... once in normal mode, then immediately shut down and reboot in SAFE mode.
    I would uninstall every relevant program, then run a defrag, then run CCleaner free registry editor. Then reinstall every relevant program. Often times, you need to again run a registry cleaner such as CCleaner at this point. Then as a precaution, run your antivirus and anti-spyware in regular and SAFE mode... and also run Adware 2007 and Spybot 1.4
    Sometimes screwy things get into Microsoft Office Professional setups... and Adobe software.
    It can also be a graphics driver problem, where disabling the current driver, and downloading 0the latest or a previous version will help, but I doubt this is the case based upon what you report.
    After all the above, if still bad, download and run HiJack This, then post the log to this forum where some real experts can look it over.
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