So, about those Geforce 8 cards

By whtddusy516
Dec 26, 2006
  1. This is just me thinking about the future, and this is what I know about them. I know that Windows Vista is completely out of the question for these RIGHT NOW, but I doubt they would have problems for that much longer if they plan on releasing Halo 2 on Vista ONLY by second quarter, and Crysis in 3rd Quarter. Also, I havn't heard one person say that these arn't good when they talk about current games on XP, they always complain about how theyll be obsolete, but isn't anything that has to do with computers obsolete in due time?

    So, heres my question. Let's say I'm not planning on getting vista till next year, I currently don't have any video card, so anyting is better than what I have now haha. Do I go for the XFX8800GTS, or a eVGA7950?

    Also, I don't have cash coming out of my wallet like a lot of computer enthusiasts/games have that buy the 7950 to hold them over for acouple months, so if I buy a card, im stuck with it for awhile. Which brings me to if its worth dishing out for DX10 card which could benefit a lot in the future, when I don't feel like buying a new card for a new system.

    [Now this may not be correct] I was skimming through some articles and I thought I read something about these cards being more power effiecent than 7 series? I have a OCZ GameXStream 600w power supply, would that be powerful enough? This alone could answer my question xD

    Any opinion on this would help a lot :haha:

  2. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    Easiest question to answer- yes, your power supply (provided it isn't defective or faulty) should handle just about any videocard you throw at it. It has three 12v rails with 18A a piece, so that gives you plenty of amperage draw for even SLI/high-end configurations.

    On the 8800, I can only relay what facts we have at this time:
    1) It's the single most fastest card on the planet right now for every DirectX 9.0c and OpenGL game.
    2) It has a Unified Shader architecture that gives developers some really nifty headroom to get custom with shader code.
    3) CUDA/compiler issues are still loaded with kinks and questionmarks, as well as driver support is still a bit rough. Overall though, for a brand new card it's an impressive effort.
    4) This is the first NVIDIA card to address the plethora of image quality, filtering and anisotropic issues that have plagued the entire product line. Texture crawling, moire, shimmering and angle-dependent filtering is totally eliminated. You now finally have angle independent anisotropic filtering, higher texture filtering modes (with next to 0 hit), massive fillrate for older games poorly written, etc.etc. It has the horsepower to also use NV's more advanced antialiasing modes and transparency/smoothing modes with impressively small impact to performance in today's games.

    We really have NO idea how this card will handle tomorrow's DX10 games though. Anyone that remembers the FX series will remember the precise same situation (all current benchmarks and methods showed superior performance), but once the next gen/next directx level games came around, massive register and shader pipeline stalls basically crippled the hardware and even prior generations of competing products could run circles around them.

    If you're looking for the most powerful monster 3d card that will yield the utmost performance in EVERYTHING you can buy *today*, the 8800 is your card. I wouldn't make the choice though based on predicting it being the DX10 "crown" holder as we have yet to see what this will bring to the table, what challenges or what limitations may become an issue. This is only obvious though to anyone objective.
  3. whtddusy516

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    Hmm ok, that helps lol the one thing I learned in all of my time that I spent fixing computers and such was that waiting for the next big thing, will be obsolete once you buy it anyways, so I guess I'll go for that card, even though by the time I have the cash for it they're will be a newer card, or maybe even the GT will cost less haha.

    Anyways, in short I'll just buy a DX10 card

    And this is kind of off, but did anyone else hear about Windows Vista denying service if you upgrade to much?

    hmm..i see a lot of problems with that :haha:
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