So I have a Sager laptop

I no longer have warrenty on it, and I want to upgrade it in several aspects. I want to know what I could improve on it, with there being an actual need for it in the first place.
I have not run a game that hauls more GPU memory on this laptop than GTA VI
Currently, as it stands I cannot go over 1/2 of it's MB limit. It 's max is around 1800 and once I go over 1000, the game starts bogging down. I have a 1 TB SSD with a 2 TB SSHD secondary drive for the games and programs I always use. The SSHD has a 5400 RPM Spindle speed, and has a SATA II 6.0 Gbps interface with a 64 MB cache, so the hard drives aren't the problem, I recently upgraded to those two. I also have a CPU which is at 2.40 GHz. What may I do to make console games run smoother on my laptop?

Here are the items in a more specific list.
NVidia GeForce GTX 660M - 2GB
Intel i7 - 3630QM @ 2.40 GHz
Samsung 850 EVO - 1TB
Samsung / Seagate Spinpoint - 2TB
3x Patriot Signature RAM cards- 8GB each

Any problems you guys find? Oh, and I do run the EVO with rapid mode on which just causes it to use the RAM as a virtual disk. Makes it read and write with remarkable speeds.