so it wasnt the hard drive..but i still need help

By hotcoco
Aug 17, 2005
  1. Hey again. I decided to try to reinstall windows and sure enough i had somehow erased windows from our hard drive. Not really sure how i did that by downloading and update and trying to restore the comp, but oh well. Whats done is done.

    I tried to install our Windows XP, but it kept telling me there was no version of Windows on our computer to overwrite and install XP. I brought out our Windows 98 and proceeded to install that onto the computer. It was successful expect for the fact we dont have the authentication number written down. We have our old computer hooked up and was wondering if there is a way to find our windows 98 authentication code on here so we can put it on that computer. If anyone knows how to find it by looking through an old computer, please explain it to me. All help would be appriciated...even bad news like im not able to do it. Once again thx
  2. hotcoco

    hotcoco TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok so i looked and finally found where to find the code, but im still having a few problems. It went through most of the instalation process and then got to where it finds the plug and play and restarted and a regular windows screen came up and then went black. My computer is still running, but it wont do anything but the black screen. I waited a good 20 min before i restarted it again and it does it again. Not sure if this is normal, but i would surely like to know
    Once again thx
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