Sobig hitting hard

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Aug 21, 2003
  1. Until a few hours ago I was getting tons of these messages every hour, for some reason it has stopped now and I'm suspecting The Planet guys have something to do with it, which is great of course... Because of this worm I switched over a new program to fight spam, you might remember how I recommended Mailwasher before and although I still like the program I was looking for something more automated, PopFile is a solution you might want to look into. MSNBC has a story on the widespread Sobig worm:

    A computer virus that circulated across the Internet this week, hard on the heels of another nasty online infection, is the fastest e-mail outbreak ever, an anti-virus company said. The Sobig.F virus, which continued to spread like wildfire Thursday, has been blamed for computer disruptions at businesses, colleges and other institutions worldwide.
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    Yes, I've had this virus infest the e-mail server at work (thankfully someone else's responsibility) and also had calls from other companies, etc saying that machines of ours are firing torrents of e-mails at them.
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    This virus sounds pretty impressive (in a bad way)

    Seems like theres a new one every second day lately :(
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    FYI guys the worm is assumed dead, it was supposed to connect to 20 servers, download a file, and run it on the infected computers, but they managed to take down the servers (which were personal computers in no way related to the virus).

    More info here:
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