Solved: Getting Feedback from Mic to Speakers.

By Sharko
Sep 23, 2007
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  1. I am hearing everything my mic picks up through my speakers cause tremendous reverb when usin a voice program...i have tried muted the playback mic volume and that just mute the mic all together even if under recoding it is turn all the way up
    I Have Realtek ac'97 onboard sound...i have updated the drivers all settings are on headphones.....tried all slots on pc to no avail...still getting reverb...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Sorry for the poor grammar in the previous post was still partially asleep, i would also like to add that when looking in my recording options i am unable to deselect stereo mix and that this problem occured out of the blue..ty

    odd solution....i had a feeling that it was linked to the fact that i was unable to deselct stereo mix in recording option after much tinkerin i found that i was only able to change selection in recording options by check all available options to be viewable...then i was allowed to change selection....selected mic in recording options and muted it in playback and it's working just fine again....hope this can help someone in the future
  2. Ph30nIX

    Ph30nIX TS Rookie Posts: 243

    Do you have an omni directional mic? They are designed to pickup noise from all directions. Try turning down the mic volume and speaking closer to the mic.

    By feedback Im assuming your using monitor mode. Somewhere in your recording options. Should this not work, try smaller speakers, it often happens with 5.1 and they are more prone to feedback. all else fails, just use headphones, if they get feedback now you know you have some sort of hardware problem.


    Edit: Didnt see/read your edit of solution, hopefully my ideas will be able to help others.

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