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Some CDs play, others don't

By JFlattum
Sep 27, 2005
  1. I am using Windows Media Player 10 to rip CDs. The CDs are from the public library, so some of them can be dirty or corrupted. However, I also check out numerous DVDs (movies) and never have problems with playback.

    With CDs, some are readable, some are not. It seems almost random.

    My DVD drive is an internal Lite-on LDW-451S. I'm running XP, 512 ram, 2.8 processor.

    Why can I play only some CDs and not others?

    What are some of the causes preventing playback?


    Jerry Flattum
  2. Shelster2005

    Shelster2005 TS Rookie

    Being new to the site, I have to start somewhere. I need instructions and information about recording a music and data DVD. I haved burned and successfully viewed them on CD and played them back on my computer, but it could not be viewed on my dvd player and tv. I realize there are different types of recordable CD's and DVD's but which ones can I watch after burning on my DVD player and TV. Any help would be appreciated, I didn't know what thread to reply to in order to get results. Thank you. :confused:
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