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May 16, 2005
  1. im downloading some series of Oz and they seem to be coming in order so i figured i could start watchin them before it finished but anything i use says it doesnt recognize the file, it says there avi files so theres nothin too weird about em and im pretty sure i've got all the right codecs, i thought maybe hadnt quite finished each episode but i checked on the site i got them from and they are all the right sizes, is there any reason why i would have to download the lot before i start watching? any advice would be appreciated
  2. howard_hopkinso

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    Unless you`ve got a preview option in the software you`re using then, yes you`ll have to wait untill the download has finished.

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    I'm confused, first you said you wanted to watch then before they finished, and then you said you checked the site and they are the right file sizes downloaded already. Does this mean they are finished and you still can't view them?

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    Some Bittorent clients block off the space for the complete file even if they've just started downloading. You'll probably need to find a program that can preview incomplete divx files. By default you can't do this.
  5. grace

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    just to verify

    im downloading 6 seasons and they are going in order and the 1st season has finished and the files are the right size for what they should be, im using abc so it doesnt block off the space it needs til its actually downloaded, season 2 is now downloading so i figured i could watch the 1st one but it says it is an unrecognizeable file, i even got a program called gspot which should tellyou what codecs you need to play the files and that says the file is unrecognizeable but i know ppl are watching it cos they have commented on it on the site i got it from, im confused, maybe i just have to wait for it all to download, anymore advice would be siko, cheers
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